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kuptonThere is a great deal of hidden charm in a woman’s ability to please in the bedroom and if she cannot do that anymore she can stop feeling beautiful and there might be stress in the marriage or relationship. A loosening of the vaginal walls which is a fairly natural process with age and other factors is disliked nearly everywhere in the world but now there are innovative treatments like the V-Tight Gel which can somehow rectify the situation.

Personally I do now want to even attempt vaginal surgery in order to tighten my vaginal walls after having a child but a more natural means of achieving a youthful appearance in that department was preferable. I carried out a great deal of research and was surprised by a lot of the information that I found and most of the products I ordered online turned out to be a waste of money.

The few reasons why women of my age and younger suffer from vaginal loosening are as follows:-

  • When estrogen is lowered in the body of a woman the vagina can begin to lose some of its tightness and this commonly occurs with age and is considered a very normal process which is unavoidable in most people.
  • Medication for various disorders can also be to blame for lack of vaginal lubrication and this also ends up loosening the vagina.
  • Hormonal changes can also be to blame along with the commonest reason which is going into labor.

After 35 you will have trouble enjoying sex if you suffer from a loose vagina. After this age, the feeling was strangely uncomfortable for me personally and I found myself avoiding the activity entirely for the same reason which caused a strain between me and my husband. If you indulge in a vaginal tightening treatment such as this V-Tight gel that I am reviewing, you will find yourself feeling sexy again.

Of course the options open to you such as Kegel exercises and surgeries come with their own list of pros and cons, there is no denying that the easiest and simplest way to tighten your vagina is by applying this gel before going to bed and night.

And I promise you that it works. Rest assured, the effects do take time to show and they are not going to be as drastic as the ones you could achieve with a surgery but they are there nonetheless without much effort from your part.

The main purpose is to reenergize the walls of the vagina so that you can easily feel more friction which will in turn increase the amount of pleasure you are able to feel. A lack of pleasurable friction is what leads to dissatisfaction in sex by both partners. In order to get back your vagina to the way it used to be in your youth, you will need to apply the gel for quite some time to see results.

When I bought the gel from the website (it is not available in general stores or chemists unfortunately), I was tempted to read about the company and what it claims the product can do and I must frankly say it does not really fall to those standards but it is reasonably priced and not too bad.

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Chapter 1. What The Company Claims

  • The product is natural and made from organic ingredients and it aims to reverse the natural vaginal loosening process which is to be blamed on hormones, aging or the considerable strain of pregnancy. The gel is completely safe to use and has been tested and is known to not cause any type of irritation.
  • With regular use you can experience a new realm in your sexual life which you only last experienced when you were much younger. The health of your vagina will also be restored and infections will also be dealt with.
  • There are virtually no irritants or synthetic substances in the entire formulation.
  • The ingredients are safe and they are water, arginine, sodium PCA, sodium Benzoale, and citric acid. You can check with your doctor if you have history of vaginal irritation or some longstanding issue.
  • Manjakani is the ingredient with an interesting story behind it and has been applied by eastern females to boost vaginal health and to increase the pleasure level in intercourse.

After reading literally dozens of reviews I ordered the gel and began using it. The results were far from the ideal end situation but I did notice a significant improvement which improved my confidence and sex life. After finishing up the entire bottle I feel like I am in a position to offer a valid opinion on the pros and cons.

Chapter 2. The Pros As I Saw It

I liked the packaging as soon as it arrived and I lay eyes on it. It was packed in a discreet fashion and from the outside no one could tell what was inside. The company offered a money back deal on its website which I felt happy with since I was double-minded about the purchase to begin with.

The effect I felt was almost immediate and startling. Whether or not it lasted or was part of a long term improvement in the state of my vagina is another topic. As soon as I had applied the gel there was a gentle tightening effect which reverberated in the entire area. Although the effects of the first application were nothing phenomenal, I still experienced less discomfort when I had intercourse with my husband that night.

The other advantage that was noticeable right away was that it was not overly greasy or sticky and there was certainly no residue as I had previously experienced with a multitude of other vaginal products which I was using for the same purpose. I was able to have intercourse within several minutes so yes the product is very easy to use and can be used long term because of its safe ingredients which makes me very optimistic.
The website of the brand itself is a gold mine of discount offers and free trial packs. In package deals you will get a lot of free sample size gel tubes and they always send their packages with free advice brochures as well as small booklets regarding exercise you could do and things you could eat in order to maintain a healthy and tight vagina.

Section 1. The Cons

One thing which does count as a major disadvantage is the product’s lack of accessibility which means it can only be ordered from its own website and a handful of other places. You cannot outright purchase it from a shop which would personally have been better for me since I am very touchy about such things. I know for a fact that if you order from Amazon they will have the name written in bold on the box.

The other major con was that the effects are not all that long lasting. Even though I have finished up one bottle I cannot correctly deduce whether the moderate improvement I saw will actually last or not.

Although the vagina feels tight enough when the gel is applied, it goes back to feeling loose once sex has occurred and is done with.

I had been applying the gel pretty frequently so I saw good results but there is no evidence to support the notion that my vagina won’t go back to its original form once I actually stop using the gel completely. For the time being I am pleased with the effects so I may just buy another bottle. At any rate at least I am not putting myself through unnecessary surgery.

Chapter 3. Is It Worth It?

You certainly have nothing to lose since you do get the guarantee of your money back if the gel fails. You can also avail a trial pack if you are just interested in trying it out. It works differently for different women and depending on the state your vagina is in, it could work a small miracle for you.

If you are someone who cannot stand the thought of vaginal surgery just like me, then this is one of your few other options. The gel does come with some recommended exercises you can do everyday which will compliment its effectiveness and make you more pleased with the end result.

If nothing else it does serve as a good primer before sex and at least for that short period of time, it makes you feel more desirable and better able to perform than you have been lately.

You will also feel more confident and enthusiastic about sex and your partner will thank you for it. My partner certainly loved the new feeling which has made me want to continue buying this product.

Rest assured, try to buy the gel from its official supplier website as there have been claims of fraudulent copies out there and you do not want to end up with one of those as the gel has to be applied on a very sensitive area which is prone to irritation.

If you have tried gels and have been looking for a pill that can help tighten your vagina then stop by vagifirm.com and see what they have to offer. It is a very good product as well and they actually have great support.

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    My biggest worry is I will have to use this for the rest of my life! This page was very helpful but just like you didn’t know if it would loosen up if you stopped I don’t know neither! If you find out can you let me know please!

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