Top 10 Breast Pumps

medelasymphanyChoosing a breast pump can be very personal. With so many to choose from how are you supposed to know which is best? Research def helps, feedback from friends, even the pumps you may have used during your hospital stay after delivery.

You will also want to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a breast pump. Many do and after my first baby I never took advantage of this and wasted money! Call your INSURANCE company!

The goal will be to pump the most milk as quickly and painlessly as possible. God knows we do not want to spend anymore of our precious time sitting and pumping.

When you are picking out a breast pump to use, whether it is a manual, an electric, a dual or a single pump system, it helps to know what style is popular with other mothers. Here is a top ten list of the most popular models.

Chapter 1. Medela Pump In Style

  • The Medela Pump In Style comes in a backpack or a carry bag for easy transport. The system is electric and works on both breasts at the same time. The carry case contains the tubing, a cooling case for expressed milk, a place to store the empty containers and even extra shields or parts if they are needed while you are away from home.

Chapter 2. Medela Mini Electric

  • The Medela mini-electric breast pump is easy to transport like a manual pump but works with electricity to be must faster. This single pump works with the aid of battery or electric power and expresses milk from one breast at a time. The comfort of the Medela brand breast shields make it easy to use no matter where you are and don’t have time to haul out the big breast pump.

Chapter 3. Medela Harmony

  • Medela Harmony is the manual breast pump that works with almost as much efficiency as an electric pump. The pump comes with two settings to mimic the early feeding urges of your baby and the latter stages, when they aren’t as hungry and nurse a little bit slower. The Harmony model is easy to use and encourages letdown in a quick way to promote milk production.

Chapter 4. Ameda Purely Yours

  • Ameda produces some of the best breast pumps on the market. The Purely Yours system is a double pumping system, which can run on battery, car power with an adapter or even through an electrical outlet. The convenience makes this option desirable to women on the go.

Chapter 5. First Years mi Breast Pump

  • The First Years mi breast pump is an electric system that is carried around in a tote bag. All of the products can be concealed inside so it doesn’t matter where you express milk, you have everything you need. BPA free products make it safe for both baby and mother to use for the long term.

Section 1. Avent Manual Breast Pump

  • The Avent manual breast pump has been rated as one of the easiest to use. It has a comfort breast shield that massages the breast as it works to encourage letdown and milk production, as the baby would by suckling. The pump works with a patented design to collect as much milk as an electric pump would do.

Section 2. Evenflo Breast Pumps

  • The Evenflo breast pumps are very easy to use and have been some of the most comfortable on the market. The manual pump is efficient and will make for the casual pumping experience much more enjoyable. The pump works with the bottle system so you can collect milk directly to the bottle or work with disposable bags.

Section 3. Nuby Breast Pump

  • The Nuby breast pump is a system that works with their extensive line of baby feeding and soothing products. The Nuby nipples on the bottles resemble the mother’s nipple, which are also like the pacifier they produce. Since the nipples are the same style and material, it presents less confusion for baby.

Section 4. Playtex Breast Pump

  • The Playtex breast pump works with their exclusive bottle system. The pump can collect the milk right to the bottle for immediate use or it can be stored in the plastic liners that fit their bottle system. The nipples for the bottles are meant to be like the pacifiers and cup lids, so there is less work to transition as they grow.

Section 5. Gerber Breast Pump

  • The Gerber breast pump is manual and works with expressing milk from one breast at a time. The plastic components are made to be comfortable and allow the mother to express milk quickly, but not like with an electric pump. Comes with an additional shield, the bottle storage and disposable bags to hold milk in the refrigerator or freezer until used.

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