What Can I Do To Tighten My Vagina?

As women we hope that we can experience love and pleasure with our partner. We worry sometimes if everything “down there” is OK! Let’s face it… we have all thought it! Am I too loose down there? I had this experience one and realized there had to be something to do about it!

Things used to be this way, I researched day and night on the topic “how to keep your vagina tight”, and this was the height of my humiliation and anxiety. I consistently heard from my friends on how they enjoy sex and how their partners enjoy it. I felt fearful of the fact that I might not ever enjoy my love life, but of course I was over exaggerating although I still had those thoughts.

I can understand how infuriating it can get searching website after website and every website gives you the same cradle-song titles “safe surgery” “no side effects” “try our new organic product” and etc. Fact is that you will waste your money with most of these products because they will either pitch you “surgery” or they will try selling you a product which they will claim to be natural but will be filled with harmful chemicals.

By experience I learned ways to deal with this problem and that is the reason why I write about this topic so others can find an easy and quick solution. I will explain to you natural ways to deal with this.

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Chapter 1. Keeping Your Vagina Tight Is Not Rocket Science

So what is the best way how to make your vagina tighter?

  • It is tough! You don’t need to blame yourself for being confused because there is so much clutter out there, every day we are bombarded with information from advertisers about hundreds of products, but you do not need to fall into their trap.
  • Before I discovered some answers, I was frustrated and angry. The page I discovered gave me precisely what I asked for, a natural way to keep your vagina tight.

Let’s start!

Chapter 2. Keeping Your Vagina Tight

Before I discuss how to keep your vigina tight let us first understand that why does it lose its constriction in the first place?

Section 1. Why Does Our Vigina Lose Tightness

  • Aging– First of all sex will not make your vagina less tight, age on the other hand is a big factor and you will lose your tightness with age. There is nothing anyone can do about age. But thankfully there is a solution.
  • Childbirth– Although post-partum does re-tighten the vagina but if you have more than one child than your vagina will lose its tightness. It is a natural process and a side effect of labor. That does not apply with young women though; women in their teens can have their vaginas back to their natural tightness after post-partum usually within 6-7months after delivery.

Now that you understand why your vagina gets looser, let us now discuss how to make it tight again.

Section 2. How Can I Keep My Vagina As Tight As IT Use To Be?

  • I tried several techniques during my experience in searching for the appropriate solution. The only thing you need is patience so keep on reading.

Section 3. Do You Like Orgasms?

  • Duh! Off course, during orgasms your pelvic muscles are engaged in contraction, this will make your vaginal muscles stronger and hence your vagina will start to tighten. Also your orgasms will also get stronger with your pelvic muscles and that is a great bonus.

Section 4. What Are Kegels?

  • Kegels are pelvic exercises which are intended to remedy vaginal ampleness. When coupled with orgasms they both balance each other and will help you give better orgasms. You will need to do them every day if you want them to work.

Section 5. Geisha Balls

  • Geisha balls or Ben-Wa-Balls are weighted balls that you can put in your vagina; this is a great way to make your pelvic muscles stronger by keeping can tight and contracted. Just like kegels the geisha balls should be used frequently for them to have a noticeable effect.

These methods can make any woman nervous.

Chapter 3. Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

Section 1.  Vaginal Tightening Exercises To Follow Above

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  1. Swati mishra says:

    I m teen bt i wnt 2 kp myslf perfect,so pls kindly hlp me in mah id pls.

  2. priti says:

    mere age 28 years h mein apni vegina ko tight krna chahati hu mere help kre plz

  3. Jessica says:

    I am not a virgin and my fiancé doesn’t know. I am 25 and getting married in 6 months. How can I tighten???

    • Kendra Upton
      Kendra Upton says:

      Uh oh Jess… Is he a virgin? He might not have a clue if he is 😉
      Did you download the 1 Thing guide above? Take a peak and then message me.

    • Hajni Hjd says:

      Myotaut Amazing product. really i m Very satisfied with the results!!! 🙂 does what its supposed to do within minutes of use. Worth every penny spent on it… Will definetly buy again!!! By the way I have three kids, and two of my children weigh 9lbs at birth, so all the stretching over streched. Always did keegle excercise, but this product just amazed me.

      • Kendra Upton
        Kendra Upton says:

        9lbs! God bless you honey! I will have to take a look at this product. There are so many out there it is hard to know what is what sometimes.

      • lilykylie1988 says:

        After 6 months of my second child born although my bhubby and myself were having a healthy sex life, I just was not regaining the same kind of feel and muscle tightness as I had before. I thought that the things would get back to normal “down there”, and it was just a temporary condition due to child birth. But, it didn’t like that. So I discussed with my close perosnal friend… she told about MyoTaut serum. I used that when i had intercorse for few weeks… i could notice dramatic changes on my vegina. great.

      • mariam adams says:

        I am a mother of 2 baby girls pls I need something I can use help me tighten my viginal becouse my husband is complaning

        • Kendra Upton
          Kendra Upton says:

          Well we need to tell that hubby what is up huh girl! 😉 There are always other things we can do to keep them happy while we work on our “other issues” but at the same time don’t let him have that power over you. Did you download the 1 Thing guide above? Let me know.

        • Cheryl says:

          I downloaded the 1 thing. Thanks for that It was informative and made me laugh. You are right about not following through. I am going to this time around and hope you can help if I have any questions.