Breastfeeding Pillows

feeding-pillowsBreastfeeding is tiring, anyone who has done it before will know that. Since the early days when mothers had no support, there have been a lot of advances made with tools to aid a breastfeeding mother so that it can be done more comfortably and more efficiently, no matter where she is. One of those creations was the breastfeeding pillow. There are many different types of pillow styles that a mother can choose between when it comes time to nurse her baby. There might be one that is more comfortable than others, so it is worth looking at all of the most popular options to see what type of pillow will work the best for you.

Chapter 1. Pillow for multiples

  • The Brest Friend Pillow for multiples is a bit of a deluxe model. The pillow is like the standard Brest Friend, but it is bigger, better and more convenient to use when you are feeding two babies at the same time. Yes, it is possible to nurse twins or even triplets (not at the same time!) when the need arises. The pillow for multiples goes around the mid-section and is secured with a Velcro strap on the side to hold it in place. There is a cushion to provide lower back to support to mom, no matter where she is sitting and nursing.
  • The front of the pillow is crescent moon shaped where two babies can prop on it at the same time. The cushion is flat, allowing them space to move about so they are not forced to be on top of each other in a confined space. The best part about the deluxe pillow is that there are two pockets for storage sewn in to the cloth cover. There is one on each corner, so you can keep baby’s supplies separate from each other – if you can remember whose side is who! Pockets can hold pacifiers, the remote control, burp cloths or even things you might need to reach when you are forced to sit still for two feedings.
  • The cover on the Brest Friend pillow is removable and able to be washed by hand or machine. The cover comes in different colors, so you can choose one and even order an extra on hand that is a different color. Be fashionable as you nurse with your accessories and get several colors to match your clothes or even your mood!

Chapter 2. Boppy

  • The Boppy is probably one of the most recognized pillows that new moms use. This pillow brand is very versatile not just for nursing mothers, but for baby themselves when they start to get a little older. This breastfeeding pillow is crescent moon shaped, with an opening in the back. The pillow goes around the waist of the mom, leaving the opening in the back.
  • The pillow is placed around the front so that it can support baby on either side, no matter which side they are nursing from. Their head and body is supported in the front, but their legs can also be supported around the side on the pillow since it stretches all the way around. The Boppy is great because the cover it comes with is machine washable in case there are any spills with it. The cover can also be purchased in a wide range of patterns and colors, to suit any mood a new mother might be going through.
  • As baby gets bigger, it can be used to keep them balanced and upright during floor playtime. The pillow will keep them from falling over and hitting the floor. They will hit the pillow first before falling over! The Boppy can be taken in the car and placed in front of the baby too, so they can reach their toys and have something to keep them all up and in view.

Chapter 3. Nursing Nest Breastfeeding Pillow

  • This pillow was created to prevent any mishaps from happening to your infant while they are breastfeeding. Those mishaps could include suffocation or even strangulation, even you nurse your baby in the bed and at bedtime. The Nursing Nest pillow has a square design on the outside, with slightly raised edges. This would prevent baby from rolling off if the mother was using both hands to adjust clothing to switch sides.
  • There is an opening on the side the faces the mother on both ends. The baby’s head and then feet stick out of each end, depending on which side the feed from first. There is a center part that sticks up and would prevent the baby from rolling in to the mother, keeping it out of clothing folds or from being entangled in any material she is wearing.

The pillow also acts as a support and can be placed on a tabletop, counter or other space where mom needs both hands to do something. Baby can rest safely in the pillow and continue nursing without having to pause (and get mad!) The Nursing Nest comes in many different colors for the removable and washable cover, depending on your preference.

Chapter 4. My Brest Friend

  • This breastfeeding pillow is wonderful for moms who are multi takers. This pillow goes completely around the midsection and is held in place with Velcro. The padding at the back adds comfort to the position where the mom is sitting. The cushion around the front is circular shaped and flat, allowing baby adequate room to move around as they feed without being constricted.
  • In the middle of the front section, there is a sewn in pocket that can hold nursing supplies. Whether it is a set of dry breast pads to insert after the feeding, a burp cloth or even the remote control for the TV, the pocket can store what you need most during your feeding times when you cannot get up and move around much. The pillow does not need to be adjusted between sides, it will stay in place when you rotate and adjust baby to the other side as well.

The Brest Friend Pillow also comes with a removable slip cover that comes in many different colors. The cover can be machine washed, so it doesn’t matter if there is spit up, a stain or even something else getting on it, it can be quickly and easily washed with little effort. Simply wash and dry the cover and then slip back over the piece and it is ready to use again. Buy multiple covers so that if one is in the wash, there is another available to put on immediately and continue using.

Section 1. Gia Breastfeeding Pillow

  • The Gia Breastfeeding pillow is like none you have ever seen before. This pillow is paisley shaped, with the large paisley part being higher than the other side. The higher side makes it easier for babies head to reach the breast without mom having to hold babies head up. This provides a stable place for baby’s head to rest, allowing both of mom’s hands to be free to do something else. When it is time to switch, simply pick up the baby and burp, then flop the pillow down on the other side. Baby can continue nursing with their head at the correct height while sitting in mom’s lap. The pillow was designed by an expert in the lactation field, ensuring that it will work with any mother who is breastfeeding and give proper placement to the nursing baby.
  • The Gia pillow will work while mom is in a sitting position on the floor, on the couch or even from a chair on the kitchen table. When the hands are needed for phone calls, to take care of other children or even to grade papers or do paper work, the Gia pillow will allow a mother to do it easily. The outside of the pillow does not come off, but it is made of stain resistant fabric that is also anti-bacterial. It can be wiped off with a cloth if needed. The pillow filling is made of down material so it is comfortable for baby to lay on, but also comfortable to be placed in mom’s lap.
  • No matter what pillow ends up being more comfortable to you and your baby, make sure to use it. It will provide support that you might not realize you need until many years down the road, when you are having shoulder pains and elbow pains and hear that it is an injury from too many months of holding baby at an awkward angle to feed!

The pillow are all very sanitary and the covers can be washed, so you don’t have to worry about the germs from other people in the house, from pets or even from you being on it. If you are worried about germs, remove it and wash and then you don’t have to worry any longer. And if you get tired of looking at the same color or pattern, you can always switch it off and improve your outlook with a different color or pattern.

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